Concealed Carry Fundamentals Classes


Duration: 3 hours
Max Class Size: 6
Price: $175

This course is designed for the already experienced shooter looking to carry a concealed handgun legally in Georgia. This course is not for the novice or inexperienced shooter. All students must be cleared by an instructor prior to registration.

  • Recommended Equipment:
  • Handgun with a minimum of two magazines
  • Concealed carry holster
  • Concealed carry magazine pouch (recommended)
  • Hearing and eye protection

This three (3) hour class is an introduction to concealed carry. The class is instructed as follows:

1. Classroom one (1) hour – Topics covered in classroom:

  • Legality of carry concealed (permits)
  • Types of holsters
  • Ways to carry concealed for men and women
  • Clothing consideration when carrying concealed

2. Range two (2) hours – Topics covered on range:
Dry Drills

  1. How to draw from concealment safely (dry)
  2. Full presentation from concealment (dry)
  3. Reloading from concealment
  4. Re-holstering in concealment

Hot Drills

  1. Target Identification
  2. Drawing from concealment with target engagement
  3. Drawing to full presentation from concealment
  4. Reloading from concealment
  5. Re-holstering in concealment