Basic Firearms Safety Class

As a family owned business, our mission at Range, Guns and Safes is to secure and protect our community. In this day and age, we feel everyone should know how to safely handle a firearm so they can protect themselves and their loved ones. As a service to our community, Range, Guns is offering a 2 Hour Gun Safety Class for $75.

This course is designed for the new or inexperienced shooter who desires to develop a basic level of skill and learn to safely handle a firearm. Attendees will receive one hour of classroom instruction and one hour supervised range time. Space is limited so sign up today.


Course Length: 2 Hours (one hour in the classroom and one hour supervised on the range)

Know that a firearm purchase is not a “typical” purchase.
A firearm comes with huge amount of responsibility and potential moral and legal issues.

This is the most vital portion of the course: developing safe habits when handling firearms.

III. Function –
Understanding of how the firearm operates to develop confidence in its use.

Teaches the Seven Fundamentals of Shooting to develop accuracy