Safety Rules

1. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are strictly prohibited on these premises, including the use of these substances prior to shooting.

2. Persons under 18 years using the rifle range or 21 years of age using the pistol range must be accompanied by a parent.

3. Bring only unloaded firearm(s) on the premises. Loading is performed only at your firing point. Unload your weapon and leave the slide or cylinder open before you leave your firing point. No loaded firearms or magazines in store area.

4. Only standard loads of ammunition are allowed on the range. No armor piercing, steel core, tracer, or other exotic ammunition. (if in doubt consult range staff.)

5. You may not use a shoulder, ankle, cross draw or other eccentric holsters on the range. Drawing from a holster is prohibited unless authorized by range staff.

6. The range staff may inspect any firearm / ammunition to be used on the range. Any firearm or ammunition found to be unsafe or unserviceable will not be allowed on the range.

7. Anyone entering the range must have attended the Range, Guns & Safes safety briefing.

8. Maximum of two (2) persons per firing point. Spectators will not be allowed in the range area.

9. Ear and eye protection is mandatory for anyone entering the range area.

10. Fire only on your assigned target.

11. Dry firing (unloaded) is permitted from the firing point.

12. The command “cease fire” means stop firing immediately, bench your firearm, and await further instructions. Resume firing only at the direction of the range officer. The commands may be given by voice, whistle or touch – be attentive

13. If you experience any unfamiliar malfunction, stop firing immediately, place the firearm on the bench with the muzzle pointed downrange, and request assistance from range staff.

14. Leave the action open on any firearm resting on the bench.

15. Accidental discharges, damages or injuries, no matter how minor they may seem, must be reported to the range officer immediately.

16. Never move forward of the firing line. Request a range employee to retrieve any equipment that falls forward of the firing line.

17. No eating, drinking or smoking on any range.

18. Only approved targets may be used.

19. Persons who are prohibited by state/federal law from purchasing, possessing or using firearms are prohibited from use of range facilities.

20. Range guns & safes reserves the sole right to deny membership and/or access to range facilities to any person that Range, Guns & Safes reasonably believes such use and presence by such person(s) may constitute an unsafe environment.

21. No refunds given to persons that are removed from range for safety reasons or damage. Shooters are responsible for the damage they cause, fees may be enforced.

Range personnel has the final authority on ALL safety issues.