Range, Guns & Safes Increases Gun Safety Awareness

Now Offering Free Gun Safety Classes

Atlanta, GA; October 6, 2015. Range, Guns & Safes is currently offering two hour gun safety classes for free (once a $125 value) in order to educate and give back to the community. The classes provide the opportunity for new and inexperienced shooters to develop the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude of owning, operating, and storing a pistol safely.

Lisa Johnson, the General Manager of Range, Guns & Safes states, “In this day and age we feel everyone should be able to safely protect themselves and their families. Everyone I meet has wanted to learn how to handle a firearm but hasn’t had someone to teach them or the financial means to do so. We are fulfilling this need in our community free of charge. I don’t know of any other class like this offered for free in Georgia.”

While firearms can offer protection and security, there are many people purchasing or considering purchasing guns who are not familiar with them. Range, Guns & Safes’ free class is designed to help current and potential gun owners better understand gun safety.

The instructor-led, two hour free gun safety class is offered from 4 pm to 6 pm every Sunday indefinitely. The classes are alternated weekly between the South location at 285 Lake Mirror Rd, Forest Park, GA, 30297, and the North location at 4025 Pleasantdale Road, Building 100, Atlanta, GA 30340. An optional one hour of range time will be offered at regular rates immediately following the class from 6 pm to 7 pm (for attendees only). The private range time will be closed to the public and will help provide the experience of shooting at the range while a supervisor is on hand to answer questions. A maximum of 20 people will be able to attend each class. Reservations are required and should be made online at

Lisa Johnson – General Manager

*Pictures Available Upon Request

Changes Due to Covid-19

Covid Update: We are still open 7 days a week to help protect and secure our community during these changing times. Due to limited capacity on the range, all range time is now limited to 30 minutes. Pistol range is now $10 per person and Rifle range time is now $15 per person (limit of 2 people per lane).

All promotions including Ladies Day/Senior Day/Groupons are temporarily suspended until further notice. We will honor any expired Groupons through the end of the year. Classes are now available to sign up for online with a maximum capacity of 6 students.

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