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Get Extreme Quality in a Champion Safe

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Not all safes are created equal. Champion still builds safes the old-fashioned way – heavy and tough with thick American-made steel. They are the heaviest, strongest, and most secure safes on the market!

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  • Continuously Welded Body
  • Double-Steel Door Casement™
  • Double-Step™ Fireproof Steel Door Design for 4x the strength
  • Four-way Cam with Cam-Lock
  • Pinion-driven Radial Gear
  • Roughneck™ Bold Guides
  • Four-Way Boltworks
  • Active Bolts
  • Bolt-Detent™ System
  • Heavy-Duty Ball-Bearing Internal Hinges
  • Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ (industrial diamond and tungsten steel)
  • Auto-Relock™ System
  • Glass-Guard™ Relock System
  • Plush Velour Interior

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La Gard® Electronic LockLa Gard® Electronic Lock
Standard LockStandard Lock
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Exterior Color Selections

Crown Series Available Colors
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Interior Layouts

Crown Series Layouts

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Champion Crown

Champion Medalist

Champion Triumph

Champion Trophy



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