Fortress Safes and Vaults


With Fortress Safes, The Difference is
Security Is Our Thing

Fortress Gun Safes are built with You in mind and feature some of the best fire protection in the industry. Three of our safes offer easy to use combination locks, while larger safes come standard with Alarm-U, an alarm-system enabled electronic lock. All Fortress Gun Safes offer extra protection wit recessed doors and a notched bolt for increased pry resistance. No thief can walk away with your safe, becasue it includes a heavy-duty bolt down kit. With Fortress, you’re truly protected

Lock It Down

The Fortress reinforced cable is 2x thicker than other cabled boxes and ensures the safe can be easily secured to another item.


The only one of its kind available in the market. Their programmable alarm provides additional theft deterrence.

Illuminate It

Another Fortress exclusive feature. Get quick access to the items you need, even in the dark.

Changes Due to Covid-19

Covid Update: We are still open 7 days a week to help protect and secure our community during these changing times. Due to limited capacity on the range, all range time is now limited to 30 minutes. Pistol range is now $10 per person and Rifle range time is now $15 per person (limit of 2 people per lane).

All promotions including Ladies Day/Senior Day/Groupons are temporarily suspended until further notice. We will honor any expired Groupons through the end of the year. Classes are now available to sign up for online with a maximum capacity of 6 students.

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