Champion Triumph Series


The Triumph Series Provides Maximum Security

The Triumph’s heavy 10-guage steel body with a Double-Steel Door Casement™ provides a pry-resistant fortress. Its thick Double-Step™ door and precision cam-driven boltworks with 1 1/2″-diameter locking bolts provide maximum security. Double fire seals assist with a 1650 degree 90-minute fire rating – unsurpassed in its class. Add to this a velour interior and LED lighting, and you complete the masterpiece.


Triumph 25

Triumph 30

Triumph 40

Triumph 50

Triumph 60

Triumph 75


Changes Due to Covid-19

Covid Update: We are still open 7 days a week to help protect and secure our community during these changing times. Due to limited capacity on the range, all range time is now limited to 30 minutes. Pistol range is now $10 per person and Rifle range time is now $15 per person (limit of 2 people per lane).

All promotions including Ladies Day/Senior Day/Groupons are temporarily suspended until further notice. We will honor any expired Groupons through the end of the year. Classes are now available to sign up for online with a maximum capacity of 6 students.

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